At the centre of every load cell is the strain gauge system, the quality installation of which is the essence of reliable load measurements. It is no coincidence that the company was founded on this principle and continues to be at the core of our operations.
Since the early days of offering strain gauge installation services the business has steadily developed to include the full range of services we offer today, to a global customer base, within the scope of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System:

Load Cell Manufacturer

Force Logic UK manufacture a range of tension and compression load cells in capacities from a few kilograms to thousands of tonnes.

Supplier of load cell systems and instrumentation

Load cell systems for measuring, indicating and recording physical quantities of mass and force.

Support for all makes and models

Including calibration, repair and upgrade of all load cell based measurement systems.

Custom Design and OEM products

In addition to our range of standard sensors and systems, Force Logic UK design and manufacture custom load, force & weight measurement systems to specific customer requirements.
OEM product manufacturing and strain gauge bonding of customer supplied sensors is also provided.


Our full range of LOAD-MASTER wireless load cells, with selected other products, are available for immediate hire.
In stock and ready to ship for a single lift, load test, or longer term projects, our hire fleet removes the need to own and maintain load measurement equipment.
Covering at least 8 different load capacities from 2tonne to 100tonne, the correctly rated system is inspected, calibrated and ready for service whenever required.

Load cell Hire