Custom load cell design & OEM manufacturing

Not every force or load measurement situation can utilise an off-the-shelf load cell sensor. Where structural modifications to accept standard items are not economically viable or not physically possible, Force Logic UK design and manufacture custom measurement systems, unique to our customers’ applications. In fact, it’s our speciality and one of our core activities.

In many projects the load cell system is required to be retro-fitted within existing structures or product assemblies, but we also provide input at the initial design phase in the development of new products and engineered applications.

This might be for a one-off measurement requirement, or long-term OEM supply.Examples of applications for specially developed load cell-based measurement systems have included:

• Production machinery monitoring & control
• Hydraulic tensioning
• Wire rope testing
• Vehicle collision recovery systems
• Hoist overload protection
• Concrete pre – & post-tensioning
• Test machines

The measurement system may comprise just the load cell to be integrated with existing instruments, or can include amplifiers and indicators, through to PC based measurements including software development & data acquisition.

We also provide strain gauge bonding services and manufacturing to customer supplied sensors or structural components.Contact Us to discuss your particular load measurement requirement.

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