Load Cell Sensors

Our standard range of tension, compression and bi-directional load cells. Designed, manufactured and calibrated inhouse, and supplied with our range of instruments.
If the product required is not listed below, please contact us to discuss your requirement. Over the years we have accumulated hundreds of load cells designs to suit an ever increasing variety of applications.


S-beam load cells combine measurement precision in both tension and compression, with simple attachment and insensitivity to off-axis forces. This makes them suitable for a huge variety of load measurement applications.
Typical applications: weighing suspended or floor mounted hoppers and tanks, materials testing machines, crane scales, force gauges, vehicle brake testing machines
Accessories: tension and compression fittings


Compact compression load cells suitable for industrial weighing and static or dynamic force measurements. Rated capacities from 2tonne to 50tonne.
Typical applications: weighing vessels, press force monitoring, load balancing and centre of gravity measurement
Accessories: base plate


Low profile disc-type compression load cell, ideal for installations with limited headroom. Manufactured in stainless and fully sealed, suitable for permanent installation in harsh environments.
Typical applications: weighing vessels, high capacity platform scales, press force monitoring
Accessories: WMR weigh module


Stainless steel low profile Weigh Module for weighing floor mounted tanks and vessels. Includes self-aligning top plate and lift-off prevention. Accommodates thermal expansion of the weighed structure. For CDC series load cells from 500kg to 10tonne.


High accuracy universal (tension & compression) column type inline load cell. Female threads each end provide multiple fixing options. Suitable for static and dynamic force measurement, with high cycle life and long-term resistance to fatigue.
Typical applications: Materials testing, actuator control, line tension monitoring.


Load pins typically replace existing load bearing pins in static fixings and support structures, or axles supporting rotating parts. With known dimensions and load potential of the replaced component, load pins enable simple conversion to a load measurement system with little or no modification to the existing structure.
Although often limited in accuracy compared to most ‘inline’ load cells, they are suitable for low to medium accuracy measurement systems, commonly used for load limiting and overload protection in lifting and material handling equipment, with safety of people and machinery in mind.
Due to the huge variety of sizes and working loads required, Force Logic UK design and manufacture load pins to specific customer requirements, supplied with suitable electronics to fulfil any load indicating and control application.
Using our experience of custom designed products, we work with our customers to find the most suitable yet cost effective solution, for a single installation or to incorporate load measurement into their ongoing product supply.

Load Cell Indicators


Portable handset for basic load indicating. Features dual units and peak hold function with long battery life.


Robust and reliable indicator with analogue, data and relay output options for a multitude of weighing and industrial load measurements. Stainless steel housing and high visibility LED display, supplied with brackets for wall or bulkhead mounting. Wireless version available.


Highly configurable indicator with a vast range of input / output and power supply options to suit any industrial weighing and control system. Standard weighing functions include batching and weighbridge modes. Available with 2 and 4 independent load cell inputs to display individual loads and total. Wireless version also available.


Wireless transmitter for use with JNR and EXL wireless indicators. Eliminates long cable runs or used for mobile weighing and load indicating systems.


Panel mount indicator with all the necessary output options and software functions to create cost effective load indicating and control systems in any industrial process. Simple settings without menus allow easy in-process configuration and adjustment.


Large high-visibility display for indication at distance, with all the features of INT. Available as slave / repeater with or without control functions.

Load Cell Amplifiers


High stability analogue amplifier with selectable 4-20mA or 0-10V standard process outputs, suitable for industrial or laboratory applications. Sealed to IP66 for permanent installation outdoors or operating in harsh environments.


DIN rail mounting digital amplifier with analogue, data and relay outputs included as standard. Onboard digital display for visual load indication and easy setting and adjustment. Extremely cost effective compared with other devices providing this level of functionality.


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