The most versatile load measurement system in our range.

From 1tonne to 100tonne capacities in cabled and wireless options, used in a huge range of lifting, tension testing and overhead weighing processes.

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Load Cells by Force Logic UK

Force Logic UK provides high-quality load cells, load indicators, and force measurement systems for a variety of industries. All our load cells are manufactured in the UK, and have passed through rigorous quality control standards for precise and accurate measurement, load monitoring systems, and industrial weighing applications. They are suitable for the measurement of static loads and dynamic forces in tension or compression, our load cells cover a wide range of mechanical forces, from 1kg to 1000 tonnes.

In addition to our own range of standard load cells and load indicators, we offer additional services:

Load Cell Hire


The requirements of our services are extremely varied throughout many industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, motorsport, construction, and research & development. Common applications include aircraft and vehicle testing systems, lifting gear load monitoring, materials testing, test machine control and calibration equipment.

Whatever your load or strain measurement requirements,
Force Logic UK is committed to helping you find the ideal solution.